Thursday, July 5, 2012

Christian's Circle Support

British 200m sprinter Christian Malcolm says his mother has helped him get to where  he is today with her support.
 Role Models are a massive part of an athletes life, and are extremely important to achieve what we are capable of according to psychiatrist Dr Rob Yeung. He believes that the role of the five people in the Links of London's (a London jewelry shop backing the British athletes) 'Circle of 5' campaign fall into particular categories.
  • Someone who inspires you.
  • Someone who supports you.
  • Someone who mentors you.
  • Someone you can escape with.
  • Someone you can confide in.

 The Circle of 5 campaign is based on 5 people close to the athlete that can help them endure through testing and stressful times, especially during the build up to large international events such as the upcoming Olympics. The 5 people used are meant to help the athlete prepare in different ways, and are each equally important for the success that they gain during London 2012.

 British 200m sprinter Christian Malcolm believes that if not for his role models, he may not have made it as far as he has."There is five key people in my life that have helped me get to where I am today" Malcolm stated, "In particular, looking back, we never had a car so my mother has been an inspiration having to walk me an hour to and from training every day."

 Malcolm is not the only British athlete to support the campaign. Seven time Paralympic Gold medalist Sarah Storey too believes that the Circle of 5 campaign has improved her athletic ability. She stated that without them, she would not have won any of her 7 medals, nor be participating in this years London Paralympics.

 The Link of London campaign has been heavily backed by big names such as Stephen Fry and British Pop Band JLS, who have been wearing Team GB bands. Fry tweeted "Thanks to Links of London for my #LOLGBBand.  Glad to show my support for Team GB. #London2012". JLS also tweeted "Get behind Team GB and show your support by wearing the @Links_of_London team GB band #LOLGBBand JLSHQ x".

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